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Holiday Services

At home pet care is an ideal alternative to putting your cat or dog in a cattery or kennels or imposing on friends and neighbours. It also reduces the stress felt by most pets and you will be safe in the knowledge that your pet is happy and well cared for.




A boarding service for dogs that will be cared for in the warmth of our family home.

This service is bespoke and our care is tailored specifically to your dogs needs. You decide how many walks and how often per day, what time their meals are, to create a home from home experience and mirror your rules, dogs have the freedom to do as they do in your home. We are experienced in administering medication, assisting in training and are very flexible to accommodate any specific care requests.

£20 per dog per day

If you are interested in our home boarding service we welcome you to arrange to come over with your dog to meet us to discuss further. There is no commitment required for this meeting, it is an opportunity for you to decide if we can provide the right care for your dog.

We do not accept uncastrated dogs



At home cat feeding and care is an ideal alternative to putting your cat in a cattery or imposing on friends and neighbours. We will play with and make a general fuss of your cats as well as feed them, empty litter trays, clean away bowls etc.

1 visit £7

2 vists £12 per day

Covers up to 3 cats, over 3 cats add £2

Rabbits, Chickens etc

On each visit we give your pets food and water, clean out their cages and provide any other care you feel is necessary.

£8 per cage/tank per day - covers up to 2 pets - over 2 add £2

Small Caged Animals

We can look after any small caged animals for example Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, in our home for the duration of your holiday.

£4 per day


If we are looking after your pets in your home we are happy to move post and water plants, put your heating on for your return etc at no charge

If you don't have any pets or would like to add to your basic pet care this service costs £5 per day. 

Please note that Christmas Eve and Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Eve and Day are all charged at double price, Bank Holidays are one and a half times the price.

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